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2024-02-xx: website back! Hell, I forgot the day, beginning of februray, like 8 or something.

2023-12-26: this website may go down anytime soon. It may then come back some days or weeks later.

About me.

This website is sleeping peacefully in my bedroom. All software was handcrafted with love on top of the linux kernel and some bits of the musl library (to be removed over time when laziness gives me some rest).

Things are not finished! With time I will import stuff from and put it here.

Or not. I'm lazy. And I don't care.

I love this place.
Another picture, september 2022. Much much bigger (18608x2608), but it deserves it. (The phone used to take the picture has some kind of 360 degrees thing, or something like that. You just turn around while taking the picture. The result is a bit weird, especially on the right - there seems to be two roads with some angle between them, but it's actually only one and it's straight - but so be it.)


(News about this website stay for, hum, let's say one year?)

2024-03-30: I collected assets of the xz attack for historical and educational purpose. (I doubt it's necessary, this will be out there forever, but why not.)

2024-03-09: a new small program released. Not totally original, just a rewrite of a nice shader found on shadertoy. Scroll to the end, increment-tan.c.

2023-11-05: a new version of my video player! I updated my debian testing and vlb was not working anymore.

2023-10-04: oh, some new versions of cbor.c, base45.c and I also put hex2bin.c and zunlib.c (see below). Woo!

2023-09-16: can we display Tux in an xterm by just running ls? Yes! [funny_ls.c]

2023-05-18: a small hack to broadcast mono FM radio with a B210. I don't understand all of this properly to be honest, but it works. Be careful, it's a bit illegal, radio waves are super regulated. If you don't have an amplifier, should be okay though, kind of.

2023-05-06: a small webpage with pictures of a chinese rings' puzzle I built a few weeks ago.

2023-01-27: dabs 1.1 is out! Just a bug fixed. I did not see the mistake for so long... I suck.

2023-01-16: vlb is out! A small video player because for some unknwon reason vlc and ffplay don't work anymore on my setup.


I try to compose some music for the classic guitar. See here.

I wrote a little program to write this music. See here.

Dark obsessions (wav file). One hour of saturated guitar, screams and growls. Slow. Sad.


Write music or write software, in the end you just... write.

I use gnu/linux to write and run my software. All is released in the public domain, unless stated otherwise (should be rare and clearly visible).

Some small C programs with interesting output.

dabs is a DAB/DAB+ receiver working with an SDR device (like USRP B210).

base45.c and cbor.c are small programs useful to extract data from the covid shit qr-code string. (Some documentation in cbor.c.)

zunlib.c is a small program to unzip some data using zlib.

hex2bin.c is a small program to get binary data out of some hexadecimal dump (for example: echo 41 0a | ./hex2bin > toto.bin creates the file toto.bin containing the letter A followed by a newline). Useful when some program outputs binary data printed in hexadecimal text and you need this data as binary. (Hell, this description is too complex...)

spectrojack is a small program to display the frequencies of audio data.

A small tribute to our beloved number pi. (Actually it's more a tribute to the discrete Fourier transform, but let's pretend it's a tribute to pi instead.)

A bit of javascript? Okay, but just a tiny bit then.

Let's have some fun solving cubish puzzles.

A small video player for why not? (vlc and ffplay don't work anymore for me) is a small hack to broadcast mono FM radio with a B210. Very hackish but it works. I need to improve it (stereo, rds). Later, maybe, I'm lazy. Note that it's probably illegal to use it, the spectrum is regulated as hell. B210 outputs max 10 mW (or 100 mW?), very low, no one will notice. But you've been warned!

Hey! let's display Tux in an xterm by just running ls, what you say? Cool? [funny_ls.c]


Some bullshit, for why not.

Some music I liked, so I don't forget. I tend to forget those bands and stuff way too easily.

LID settings for my laptop to not suspend when I close the lid (debian system, without systemd).

I built a version of the chinese rings's puzzle!

Assets of the xz attack for historical and educational purposes.

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