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About me.

This website is sleeping peacefully in my bedroom. All software was handcrafted with love on top of the linux kernel and some bits of the musl library (to be removed over time when laziness gives me some rest).

Things are not finished! With time I will import stuff from and put it here.

Or not. I'm lazy. And I don't care.

I love this place.


(News about this website stay for, hum, let's say one year?)

2021-07-25: dabs is there! A DAB/DAB+ decoder. I can listen to local radios using an USRP B210 device and this program. It's not finished but I wanted to release, so here we go.

2021-04-09: 10order is out! Scroll the page, it's at the end. Was fun to do! It's all what matters.

2021-03-04: I made a new page (in french) about the books I read and I liked (why talk about books you don't like...).

[image: points moving in a complex repetitive way]
hyperbole is there! in "small code" section.

[image: animated gif produced by spirals.c, made small]
spirals is there! in "small code" section. (Okay, not very small, me cheats a bit. I liked the effect, seemed easy to do, was a nice journey, required a bit of thinking (just a bit, no worries, the brain was not damaged), result is good, what else to ask for?)


I try to compose some music for the classic guitar. See here.

I wrote a little program to write this music. See here.

Dark obsessions (wav file). One hour of saturated guitar, screams and growls. Slow. Sad.


Write music or write software, in the end you just... write.

Some small C programs with interesting output.

dabs is a DAB/DAB+ receiver working with an SDR device (like USRP B210).


Some bullshit, for why not.

Some music I liked, so I don't forget. I tend to forget those bands and stuff way too easily.

LID settings for my laptop to not suspend when I close the lid (debian system, without systemd).

En français !

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Contact: see this

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