All is released in the public domain.

[compose] links to a file you can open using compose, my little program to study/write music.
[image] links to an image of the sheet music.
[audio] links to an audio file.
[lilypond] links to a LilyPond file.
[PDF] links to a PDF file, produced from the LilyPond version.


Released: 2016, october 24.

[compose] [image] [audio]
And thanks to Schneider from this (shit as hell) forum (with some modifications): [lilypond] [PDF] [PDF (TAB)]

Interpretation sucks. Plus there is a wrong note in there. Second line first chord: mi naturel is played bémol; it's no big deal because we are in fa mineur and we will go back to do mineur, but still it should be mi naturel. I should redo it when less stressed.


Released: 2018, march 11.
2018, march 18: new release, fixing wrong notes measure 51, changing some fingering, changing some rhythm.

[compose] ["robotic" audio] [lilypond] [PDF]

["robotic" virtual piano version released to give and idea of the music - at the time of release I dont' have a guitar recording (there is also a wrong note measure 51, dob instead of réb, no big deal)]

The audio "robotic" version above has been done using my program 'compose' connected to the fluidsynth synthesizer. I "play" notes by pressing the 'space' key. I sometimes miss the wanted timing, so rhythm is more or less correct.

The following command line was used to run fluidsynth:

fluidsynth -a alsa -c 2 /usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2 -o audio.alsa.device=tofile
Then the two programs were connected with:
aconnect 129:0 128:0
The following was added to the file .asoundrc (this file is in the home directory and is used to configure ALSA):
pcm.tofile {
  type plug
  slave {
    pcm.type file
    pcm.file "/tmp/toto.raw"
    pcm.format "wav"
    pcm.slave {
      pcm plug:dmix
The file /tmp/toto.ogg (which has been renamed 2-fluidsynth.ogg in this webpage) was produced with oggenc:
oggenc /tmp/toto.raw


Some fragments. A fragment is a small piece. Not really a piece. So a fragment.

Fragment 1

Released: 2018, august 7.

[compose] [lilypond] [PDF]

To be recorded.

Fragment 2

Released: 2018, september 12.

[compose] [lilypond] [PDF]

To be recorded.

Fragment 3

Released: 2018, september 13.

[compose] [lilypond] [PDF]

To be recorded.

Fragment 4

Released: 2019, may 28.


To be recorded.

Fragment 5

Released: 2019, june 13.


To be recorded.

Fragment 6

Released: 2019, november 20.


To be recorded.

Fragment 7

To be released. (Yes, this kind of things is possible, don't ask me how, you don't want to know.)

Fragment 8

Released: 2020, april 30. Inspired by french authorities and their shitty response to covid-19. Fuck you. (They did broadcast an ad to tell people to be careful, wash hands, blabla, starting with six F as is heard at the beginning of this masterpiece. Each time I heard that shit, my brain freaked out, I needed to do something. At first I wanted to write a composition, not a fragment, but I don't work enough, I'm not there yet. Let's do fragments for a few more years. I'll write real pieces when I'm good with the technique, which is not for any time soon... Why do I write so much? If you read this, consider yourself privileged, my bet is I will erase all this blabla in a few years. I'll be like "why the hell did I write all this crap? Who gives a shit? Let's become a bit normal. What I loser I was back then...")

[compose] [audio]

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