Make your own "soft" chinese rings' puzzle

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A while ago, I programmed this. There is a picture of the chinese rings in there. I remained for a loooooooong time without ever touching this puzzle. Only recently some colleague of mine saw me play with some other puzzle and purchased a set of simple ones, including... the chinese rings. I immediately played with it and the emotion was super intense. Like when you meet some mythical creature for the first time or something crazy like this.

Let's call this puzzle the "hard" chinese rings. Not because it's hard (it's not, it's long, many movements to do, but it's not hard) but because it is made of solid pieces.

Then I saw a version with a rope (I don't remember where, maybe wikipedia). You get the name of it, it's the "soft" chinese rings. The reason of this name is obvious, I won't insult you by giving more explanation. No it's not an official name, just how I call it.

And I decided to make my own version of it, because this puzzle has some special meaning to me, reminds me of some good times in my shitty life, and also, well, to try it.

I found some old electric wire, some stuff they put in boxes to absorb chocks for delivery of whatever objects and a small rope coming from nowhere and I assembled all of this in a more or less controlled manner. Total cost: 0.

Here come some pictures. Sorry for blind people. I feel too lazy to describe today (tonight actually). Maybe some day I'll feel less lazy and describe more.

It would be nice to sculpt some wood to make a nice version of this, no? If someone does it, please send some pictures! But no cheating, something in one piece, no glue no nothing, just one piece of sculpted wood.

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Created: 2023-05-06
Last update (more or less accurate): 2023-05-06